Woke College

Bridging Diversity Groups, Identity, and Friendship

1 year ago

In this episode we take on a topic brought to us in a listener's email.

It’s our delight to be answering a listener question this week, and it’s all about building bridges between diverse groups both on and off college campuses. Our listener Zoe emailed us about her experience as a Biracial Unicorn and asked us our approach to “woke colleges.” We value these questions deeply on our show because they are very much the back bone as to why Biracial Unicorns exist. So this week we discuss some foundational topics through the lens of the woke college experience. This week you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Why this topic is so poignant to Unicorns
  • How “woke-ness” is not a linear journey, nor is it your identity 
  • It is not a mixed person “job” to unite all diverse groups
  • What is diversity anyway?
  • Why can’t all BIPOC just “come together”?
  • How shared trauma is not enough to unify diverse groups
  • How shared joy may be the key to building bridges

As we end the show, it’s all about cozy comforts for this week’s Happy Place -hint*, It’s all about holiday dysfunctions and nerdy spin-off’s. 

A special thank you to our listener Zoe who took the time to write in. We truly appreciate it and it’s why we do what we do. As always, we welcome questions or topics that our listeners are interested in. Our information on how to get ahold of us is listed down below.  

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