Shadowbans & Silos on Social Media

social media to center and silo people from the margins

1 year ago

In this episode we take a look at shadowbanning and other challenges POC, WOC, and other people outside the "mainstream" face when connecting on social media.

Influencers, creators, and algorithms! We revisit the topic of social media this week, but this time we are discussing the mysterious beast that is shadow-banning. Difficult to define and harder to prove, content creators of size, of color, women, queer, and disabled seem to be experiencing this occurrence at higher levels. Wether it’s stricter censorship or blocking from potential “views” and “likes” we’re seeing how content is being shifted and controlled. How does this impact movements like Black Lives Matter? And what does this mean for other racially charged content that falls under the “freedom of speech”? We explore these questions and these topics in the show:

Examples of shadow-banning Influencers and Tiktok fame Reporting inappropriate content Black Lives Matter The hypocrisy/double standers of what content is or isn’t banned How representation still matters on social media The dangers AND benefits of siloed social media content The added challenges (and sometimes danger) for marginalized content creaters 

This episode's Happy Place - hint*, we’ll have you accessorizing in the rain! 

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