Unicorn Library: Sharks in the Time of Saviors

the book by Kawai Strong Washburn

19 days ago

In this episode we take down one final book for the year from the Unicorn Library's shelves and spend some time discussing Kawai Strong Washburn's debut novel, Sharks in the Time of Saviors. This story follows the Flores family, struggling with the impacts of capitalism and colonialism and signs from the supernatural in 1990s/2000s Hawai'i.

We discuss what we've learned from this book; how we relate to the story, themes, and characters; and why we think it's a great read for all unicorns, even if you don't have a connection to Hawai'i.

Still on the fence about reading it? Here's a taste of the beautiful language:

  • "I could see him there, the waves and tides and gods dragging him around. But I'm in the water, too, I wanted to say. No one's watching to see if I stay afloat."
  • "How long was I stupid enough to believe we were indestructible? But that's the problem with the present, it's never the thing you're holding, only the thing you're watching, later, from a distance so great the memory might as well be a spill of stars outside a windshield at twilight"

We also wrap up the year with our happy places, while Rocking Around the Christmas Tree was not either of our picks, it could be a bridge between the two. We also give a brief taste of what we're looking forward to in the new year after the plugs.

Happy new year and we wish you a safe and happy 2022.

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