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In this episode we explore the huge topic of Settler Colonialism and our own relationships to that system.

If you thought we were going to let the fall season continue without an episode about colonialism, then you don’t know your Unicorns. This week we start with a land acknowledgment (and in true Unicorn fashion, we have mixed-feelings about land acknowledgments). We then attempt in 60 minutes to summarize the complexity and pervasive topic that is settler-colonialism and it’s significance to mixed-race BIPOC.  In this episode you’ll hear…

  • What sets settler-colonialism apart from various other types of colonization 
  • Us share the inward battle of the mixed-race existence as a result of colonialism 
  • What are the  “camps” or roles we participate in a settler-colonialists society 
  • Why it’s important for you to understand your role in settler-colonialism 
  • If you think you have a Native-American Great-Grandmother, you probably don’t…
  • The attempted erasure of Indigenous people 
  • The ongoing byproduct of settlers-colonialism- “one drop rule”, blood quantum, shift in power dynamics within Indigenous people groups
  • Why American society in particular is NOT (and may never be) ready to “decolonize” settler-colonialism. 

We bring our show to a close with our Happy Place *hint- it’s all about bootylicious TedTalks and Netflix phenomenons. 

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