2020 Olympics

athletics, race, and the year that won't let go

2 months ago

In this episode we take a look at the latest Olympic games.

We’re back with a new episode after taking a small break for the month of  July and it’s good to be back! This week we are discussing the 2020 (because it really is the longest year ever) Summer Olympics. Whether you’re a sports fan or not the Olympics is an event that dominates the news for one reason or the other.  This year the topics of protest, women’s uniforms and mental health seem to be getting as much “air time” as the games themselves. So in this episode you’ll hear us discuss: 

  • Our personal experiences with the Olympic Summer games
  • Why some are boycotting the Olympic Games
  • The impact of Covid-19 on Tokyo
  • The financial burden on the Olympics
  • The protest and politics of the Olympics 
  • Raven Saunders Protest and Rule 50 

We end our talk with our Happy Place, hint- it’s all about the quiet places and Olympic based beverages. 

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